What goes on Supflex Kit?

The Supflex Kit, which brings together the best items for a good paddling, consists of a nylon backpack, hand pump, with manometer (pressure gauge), an adjustable three-pieces aluminum paddle and the board.
All Supflex boards have decks / pad on the ideal measure and fins.
Now, paddling became much easier.


Supflex® by Carlos Burle

 Always looking for innovation, Supflex decided to join the hunter of giant waves, Carlos Burle, and developed a unique product.
Ideal for those wishing to relax in a calm environment, after much adrenaline, Carlos Burle by Supflex was designed carefully, from its structure to the smallest details, to provide an unforgettable experience.


more performance 

 The Supflex by Carlos Burle was designed for you to enjoy the most of your time. Its modern design provides comfort, greater fluctuation and agility.

Now, your effort will be much lower during paddling. Its structure and size make your movements much lighter. Since it's inflatable, the Supflex by Carlos Burle is very easy to store and carry. 


rigid and resistant

Made entirely of flexible PVC, with reinforced inside with thousands of high-strength nylon fiber, which guarantees the durability of the board, the Supflex By Carlos Burle has an extremely rigid when inflated. Due to its construction technology, the product can take 15 pounds of air pressure, ensuring a good stability of the board.

Supflex Inflatable 10'8"by Carlos Burle

Board Specifications

Material: Reinforced Drop-Stitch Technology

Deck: EVA Foot Pad

Central Keel: one adjustable fin

Max supported weight: 130 Kg


Density: 6"(14 cm)

Width: 30" (76 cm)

Length: 10'8" (329 cm)

Periods and Guarantees

Accessories: 90 days for manufacturing defects

Board: 1 year for manufacturing defects

Prazo de entrega: Nosso prazo de entrega é, em média, de sete (07) dias úteis, após o envio, principalmente para você que mora no Sudeste ou Sul. Dependendo da sua localidade, esse prazo pode chegar a 20 dias úteis. Mas, vale a pena esperar um pouquinho para ter a Supflex na sua casa, né?


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Supflex Inflatable 10'8"by Carlos Burle

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