The individual needs to be with mind and body in balance. Thinking about it, in 2011, Supflex was created. A brand specialized in bringing quality of life to the routine of people, introducing physical activity in a pleasurable and fun way, as well as bringing the concept and culture of Stand Up Paddle to society. Committed to developing high-tech products with an unmistakable quality, Supflex came to meet one of the greatest difficulties of the mode of practitioners: The locomotion of the board. The Supflex equipment is extremely practical and allows full ease of transport. As it’s inflatable, can be stored and transported wrapped inside a backpack. This facilitates the access of more people to the sport and to a life with more health and wellness.





Supflex, a Go Flex brand

Go Flex is a company dedicated to wellness and outdoor quality of life. We have a research department focused on finding solutions and modern equipment that favors the practice of outdoor activities, the contact with nature and improving the quality of life. Our goal is making you learn how to take a moment in your day to devote to yourself by doing something that gives you pleasure and put you in direct contact with environment.